Boards for Sale

Update: I have sold out of all my full-sized boards.

I am currently creating a few select boards. These will be the only ones that I create for the year and will consist largely of All-Seeing Golden Eye boards. They should be ready in a month or so.

Hi All, This is the LAST of the boards that I have for sale. I have started to concentrate my talents towards another

types of boards... skate boards. I still may create a couple of special boards per year but it will be rare.

Once a year, I will still create mini versions of these boards for the San Diego Comic-con.

Please send an email if you have any questions or comments. Thank you again for visiting.

These are the boards that I still have left for sale.

Please click on any of the pictures for more information and detailed pictures of each board.

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These are museum-quality functional art pieces!

Since they are pieces of ART there isn't any kind of guarantee or responsibility for what happens to them.

All the boards are of high quality wood, glass, and metal.

There is a complete line of Zodiac Eye boards that cover all the sun signs.

These Astrological boards will only be available once a year in Mini-Board form.

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