About C. Blake Williams' Mystic Talking Boards


The Beginning
I have always loved the design work reflected in Talking Boards.  The Museum of Talking Boards has had a big influence on my work by further enlightening my knowledge of the subject and displaying a plethora of board designs.

I started with a small number of boards and took them to the San Diego Comic-con in August 2006 (couple of months ago) and displayed them at the Art Show.  The show is structured as a silent auction where people can bid but can’t pick them up until the end of the show.  I consider the show a success by the amount of positive feedback I received on my work.  The Zodiac Eye boards were the most profitable in which the Zodiac Eye Pisces Blue went for $175 and the Zodiac Eye Leo sold for $210. Since these boards are art pieces, I will always want them retain their value for the collectors who have bought them.

Almost all my boards are 16” x 12” and about 3/4" thick including their glass tops. They weight about 5 -6 lbs including their planchette.  Only the “Keepsake” boards are smaller at 11” x 14”.  I do have designs for the technique to make 24” x16” boards but those are still being developed.  Some of the new boards for the next show will be thicker at 3/4” for the wood base and another 1/8” for the double strength glass.  These boards will be almost an inch thick and weight a bit more.

Wood and Materials
The wood for most of the bases is Baltic Birch while the boards that contain additional inlays can have a variety of exotic wood veneer.  The specific wood will be listed with each board.  There is also natural Paua shell inlay in very select boards along with Swarovski crystals.  The natural shell inlay is expensive and hard to work with.

The “finishes” are as unique as the boards.  They can either be a variety of stains, glazes, washes, paints, or metallic waxes.  This is where some of the creativity lies.  I often experiment with different colors and techniques to create a variety of boards which insures that your board is “one of a kind.”  I even have some “surprise” pigments for the “2nd” show.

The designs on the boards are not simply printed on or surface burned as with most.  I engrave each in-relief.  That is why I need to put the glass on top of them.  Not only does it provide a layer of protection and beauty, but it provides a smooth surface for the planchette.    

The planchettes are an entirely different matter.  They, themselves, are an endeavor.  I find old watch crystals that have to be custom fit to provide the windows to each planchette.  I drill a hole underwater so I can place a brass pointer in the center.  I have experimented with multiple designs for the legs or feet.  There have been short ones, tall ones, brass ones and wood ones.  The “Smiling Moon” planchettes usually have thin brass feet to suit their design.  Most of the others will have wooden feet.  I also try to “finish” the planchette to compliment the board that it will be paired with.

I’m very meticulous about the designs and fabrication of the boards. The actual labor involved is insane (at least my wife thinks so).  I make these boards because I enjoy their design and want to create objects of beauty that are the highest of quality and will last forever.

Most boards will range between $150 and $230.   Custom boards are around $310 and can go up depending on the art and finish involved.



New Boards

These boards are soley crafted by the artist C Blake and have taken many hours to complete.

These are museum-quality functional art pieces!

Since they are pieces of ART there isn't any kind of guarantee or responsibility for what happens to them.

There will be a standard disclaimer soon.

All the boards are of high quality wood, glass, and metal.

There will be a complete line of Zodiac Eye boards that will cover all the sun signs.

Of course custom designs are possible - please email with any comments, suggestions or questions.


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