Ordering a C. Blake Williams' Mystic Talking Board

I will be creating a shopping cart system.

Until that is completed, this is the easisest way to process and order.


First e-mail me and let me know which board you would like. I will need your zip code so I can get the shipping cost via the FedEx “Home Delivery” option.  I have found this method to be one of the cheapest.

I can then send you a PayPal invoice to your email with the itemized total.  PayPal makes it easy as you don’t even have to have account with them to use a credit card.
I will then need your complete shipping address and phone # to complete the FedEx shipping label.

That's it!


Please remember that I have to charge 8.25% tax to residents of California.



New Boards

These boards are soley crafted by the artist C Blake and have taken many hours to complete.

These are museum-quality functional art pieces!

Since they are pieces of ART there isn't any kind of guarantee or responsibility for what happens to them.

There will be a standard disclaimer soon.

All the boards are of high quality wood, glass, and metal.

There will be a complete line of Zodiac Eye boards that will cover all the sun signs.

Of course custom designs are possible - please email with any comments, suggestions or questions.


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