Here are a few examples of the nice words sent to me by people who have purchased boards.


"I received the Zodiac Eye Capricorn Gold Board yesterday
afternoon. Your statement at your website that the pictures do not do the
boards justice, is quite correct. I find the Board to be absolutely
breathtaking. I can't imagine how you charge the prices you do for what is
obviously quite an intensive creative undertaking. I am so pleased to own
one of your remarkable works of art. "

- Kate in South Carolina


"Well, what can I say?  I was beyond amazed!  When I got the call from the front desk that the package arrived, I had to let 5 friends know; they made me promise to let them know when I opened it!  All of us were shocked silent by the beauty and the craftsmanship of the "Midnight Radiance" board! Even the key chain and velvet bag were passed around and admired. You were very correct that the photos did NOT do the board justice.  One of my friends went immediately to her computer to review the remaining boards for purchase...I think I may have her sold on "The Buried Sea" one...I hope so as I am now dying to see it in person!  I will continue to spread the word about you, and am waiting on pins and needles for the remaining Zodiac boards!  Very best of luck from a SOLID fan."

- Todd in Washington


"...whenever I bring your board out during the show, it always gets
reactions. Last night, one woman said, "That is absolutely beautiful!"
aloud to the whole audience."

- Jim in California


"I just wanted to let you know that I received my board yesterday. It is absolutely beautiful! You definitely put a lot of work into the details, from the board to the velvet bag. Awesome!"

- Dawn in California


"I don´t know if your the man who makes theses board but I have to say:
they´re so beautiful! They have that "thing"... a very strong "presence".
Keep up the good work.. "

- Maggi in Sweden


"I received the board last Friday, it was a gift for my mother in law and she absolutely loved it.  You are very talented.  Thank You! "

- Tammy in Massachusetts


"Just wanted to tell you that I got the board and it looks awesome!  I still can't figure out how all the detail work is done so nicely.  I used to paint portraits for people, so I appreciate all the details."

-Witcher in Florida


"I received the board and I have to say it's unbelievably beautiful!
Thanks you so much, it's really a piece of art. "

-Tamas in California


"In the meantime the board has arrived. Great job
Christopher, it's beautiful.
Thanks for all the good service - it was a pleasure
doing business with you."

- Mike in Florida


"It's perfect!  Thank you so much!  And perfect timing too - it's my birthday."

- Amanda in Colorado


"The keepsake box is actually for his upcoming birthday, but I loved it too when I saw it.  I guess that means it's a present for both of us!  Thanks a bunch."

- Alissa in Georgia  


"I love the new board. "

- Mary in Texas


“Your beautiful Dragon's Eye board was very well received and we are enjoying it immensely.  Thank you once again for creating such a work of art.  We will keep it in our home with honor.”

- Jan in Idaho


"I received the footless planchette in plenty of time, thank you.  It is a beautiful piece and my brother loved it. We use it during our family circles and even got complements from our friends in spirit about it. They especially liked the fact that it was made of wood and that much care was put into it's creation. Those aspects especially made it easier for them to manipulate. It must feel great to know that your work is appreciated on more that one plane of existence."

- Elizabeth in Virginia


"This is Ryan and I just recieved the Night Lightning board and it is absolutely beautiful.  Thanks again, you do great work!"

- Ryan in Arizona

More to be added...
I want to thank everyone for all the kind words and praise. It helps keep me going during the late night laborous creation process. - Thank you again - C.Blake



New Boards

These boards are soley crafted by the artist C Blake and have taken many hours to complete.

These are museum-quality functional art pieces!

Since they are pieces of ART there isn't any kind of guarantee or responsibility for what happens to them.

There will be a standard disclaimer soon.

All the boards are of high quality wood, glass, and metal.

There will be a complete line of Zodiac Eye boards that will cover all the sun signs.

Of course custom designs are possible - please email with any comments, suggestions or questions.


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